PowerTech Clang

Fork of a modern high-quality C/C++ compiler
Fast, powerful, cross-platform:
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, etc.

Download a packaged or portable release for your platform. More details about installing portable 7z can be found on the Portable Installation page. Please note that the compiler is under active development, we will update this page as new functionality becomes available. We will be glad for your participation in the development, testing and voicing of proposals. Feel free in Issues, Discussions or in the telegram group PowerTech C/C++ Beta.

Easy to start, convenient to operate

Build Speed Boost

Enjoy incredibly fast builds of your high-quality applications More

Cross Compilation

Build your applications from any platform to any platform More

VSCode Integration

Make awesome applications with one of the most popular IDE More

Language Extensions

Get the most out of your code with extended functionality More

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot find answers here? Contact our Information Team

  • Is it possible to get the sources of PowerTech forks?

    Unfortunately no. We care about developers, so we create Simple, Powerful and Convenient tools for them using our own resources using proceeds from the sale of our licenses. At the moment we cannot open source our forks, but we can share the Community build for free, which contains several features that are missing in the original version.

  • Can I use PowerTech products for free?

    Yes. We base our products on open source code and have great respect for the community of developers who create such projects. That's why we distribute Community builds for free, which contain several features that are missing in the original version. There is a Trial license that allows you to try all the necessary functionality for free. There are additional licenses, for example, Server - which does not require registration if run on server hardware. Still have questions? Contact Sales Team.

  • Do you offer student discounts?

    Support for students and teachers is one of the key values of our company. That's why we provide a free Education license. Contact Education Team and provide documents confirming your status.